Sep 10,2016, the annual meeting of WABA was held in Guiyang International Eco-Conference Center.

Li Jinhua, the vice chairman of the Eleventh National Committee of the CPPCC, attended the conference and delivered a speech. He pointed out that the Chinese Government introduced a policy which asked social organizations to play a supporting role in economic, culture, science and technology, education, and participate in the formulation of international liquor standards and regulations. In addition, AQSIQ and CAQI should jointly promote the establishment and perfection of the wine world standard combining with some of the world’s wine associations and research institutions based on the purpose of WABA which is to actively promote the development, growth, and sustainability of the global alcoholic beverage industry. In order to achieve this, WABA will build a common platform for sharing innovations, culture, and resources; jointly release financial indexes concerning the global alcohol industry; publish authoritative and guiding documents; and create a large unifying database and data analytical model so as to support existing and emerging members of the alcohol industry. Since the establishment of WABA, We have really made a great effort to promote the global wine culture, science and technology exchanges and personnel training.

Lu Yongzheng, the vice governor of Guizhou province said that WABA has provided a broad platform for people, and provided development space for all the wine experts since it was founded two years ago, so WABA has become the carrier of wine culture in the world.

Keynote speeches were made at the conference including one by general Watthna, the adjutant of Chavalit who is the WABA’s vice president and the former Prime minister of Thailand, Ms. Lawrentzia Vasilescu, the vice director of the Alcohol Culture and Society Committee of WABA, Yang Fengxiang, the chairman of TianChaoShangPin, Li Chen ,the chairman of Guizhou Jiayouzaixian Network Limited company.

The vice chairman of the WABA and chairman of China Wine Association Wang Yancai made the annual work report and summarized the WABA’s fruitful results achieved in the past year including working on infrastructure construction, creating authoritative publishing platform, and promoting trade facilitation.

The Secretary-General Dr. Chen Zeming released the Global Alcohol Industry White Paper which taken the lead by Dr. Chen. It presents the systemic research results about distilled liquor, beer, wine, yellow wine and other major wine. The wine industry development index are released in this white paper. The opportunities, risks and competitive situation of wine industry is analyzed reasonably. In addition, the white paper also includes research about economics of scale, leading ability, regulatory development, dynamic developing environment and demand structure of Chinese wine.

Wang Xinguo, The vice chairman of WABA and the executive chairman of China Liquor Circulation read the wine industry developing index, and he pointed out that the index of economic structure were improved on the whole in 2015, and in the next eight months, the comprehensive index of wine industry will slow down smoothly and enter a new normal.

Subsequently, the conference has released the list including 2016 Chinese import and export enterprises which have high quality and good faith as well as outstanding entrepreneurs who invested in the Midwest, and then awarded those enterprises. In the conference, the sponsor also announced the trade facilitation action proposal and declaration of integrity enterprise, then held a global wine traceability trade facilitation action and WABA business platform launch ceremony.

Dr. Ante Simonić, the chairman of WABA, spoke in a summary of the WABA’s mission and meaning of existence. He think that the love for wine is human nature and a part of our tradition. Wine, our economy, agriculture, religion and politics are closely linked, at the same time, wine challenges to our life, therefore, the mission of WABA is promoting culture, standards, technology, concept of wine health and market, platform, system, establish, improving and perfecting the policy, so as to promote the development of the global wine industry. Nowadays, China is an important force to promote the development of the new world as the order of new world arrived. So WABA will share the achievements with the all over the world and promote the constructions of a series of WABA platform and project based on China. That is a win-win global business. In the future our task is to make the world more attention in WABA, make WABA been recognized in the international arena and play a greater role.