The international forum on quality standards for Silk Road countries was held in Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi province, June 5, 2017.

Great efforts would be made in the following areas:

·Strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road, facilitate the mutual compatibility of standards systems in these countries;

·Push the joint development of international standards, raise the international level of national standards in related countries;

·Establish standards cooperation platform, share and promote the advanced technical standards of China. The role of China-Asia Standardization Research Center and New Silk Road Standardization Alliance should be fully played to upgrade the international standardization level and promote the globalization of product, equipment, technology and service with standards.

There are two major trends in today’s world, one is economic globalization, and another is regional economic integration. Economic development is getting faster and faster, and the relationships among countries are getting closer. Countries around the world have accelerated the pace of opening up, developed international trade with other countries, accessed to international trade interests. As the geographical location of the regions and frequent trades, regional economic integration has also been strengthened. Regional organizations such as the European Union, the North American Free Trade Area and China-ASEAN Free Trade Area have been structured. China also respond to the trend of “one way along the way” strategic concept.

WABA aims to unite the industrial resources, economic resources, social resources, establish a scientific and standardized industrial science standard system, inherit, cultivate, maintain a good brewing culture and actively serve consumers to promote the healthy development of international wine industry. Our council is composed of many current and former government officials from the highest levels from all over the world. Our connections set your business up for a success and connect you with the fast track import and export clearances.

We work closely with states, organizations, government and non-government, to formulate guidelines and policies so as encourage the growth of the industry in a sustainable and Eco-friendly manner .WABA is committed to working with members to optimize the global alcohol industry standards and quality standards. We hope that we can provide more services for members through the international forum on quality standards for Silk Road countries. We also want to enhance trade cooperation among members and quickly promote the global alcoholic industry and the global alcoholic industry’s healthy development.

WABA Secretariat