WABA Signed A Cooperation Agreement with COMTRANS ——Setting up the connection of the world’s logistics through the network


COMTRANS — COMPLANT International Transportation Co., Ltd., founded and approved by MOFTEC in 1993,is a first class forwarder affiliated to China National Complete Plant Import & Export Corp.(COMPLANT) and State Development & Investment Corporation (SDIC).As from 1959, COMTRANS used to be the special official organization to handle all the governmental aided construction projects to the developing countries and since the 1960s has organized the transport for different kinds of construction projects in all of the continents. With head office in Beijing, COMTRANS has set up branch offices in Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Kunming, Ningbo,Dandong,Hong Kong , Angola and Sri Lanka. COMTRANS is the standing member of CIFA and individual member of WCA.

The main service of COMTRANS includes: air/road/rail and combined transports/insurance of PROJECT CARGO. At meantime, COMTRANS seek possibility for investment in the same field. For all kinds of project cargo, they provide services including: collect/receive cargo, packing, documentation, Customs clearing, quality inspection, booking space/chartering, inland transport, insurance and etc. In the past fifty years, COMTRANS has built up business relations with companies in more than 130 countries and has undertaken transport for more than 2000 projects. Such as the project like: railway in Tanzania/Zambia railway, oil refinery in Albania, national stadiums in Uganda/Kenya/Congo/Papua New Guinea, parliament building in Gabon/Mozambique, roads in Eq. Guinea/Madagascar/Bangladesh, cement plants in Peru/Rwanda, power plants in Bangladesh/Burma/Congo/Antigua, China Pakistan Friendship Highway, and etc. cargo quantity is totally over 30 million freight tons. COMTRANS wishes to provide forwarding and project cargo logistics services for the projects all over the world.

The World Alcohol Beverage Alliance (WABA), was established on September 9, 2014 during the 4th China (Guizhou) International Alcohol Beverage Expo. The Alliance symbolizes the first official global alcoholic beverage organization. It`s goals are to unite members of the alcoholic beverages industry involved in production, distribution, scientific research, training, and other alcohol industry related elements so as to promote the growth and sustainability of the industry. WABA will make efforts in many aspects such as guiding authoritative policy information compilation and issuance, alcoholic industry personnel system, construction and technical innovation, inheriting traditional historical culture to promote cultural exchange, assist educational training to promote talents cooperation, explore information resources to improve modern economic development.

With the development of international trade and development, international logistics is the transnational extension and expansion of domestic logistics and it becomes an important material basis for international trade. What’s more, international logistics is an indispensable part of international trade. WABA was formed in Guiyang, China on the initiative of more than 300 alcohol industry related associations and organizations representing 60 countries. This time signing a cooperation agreement with COMPLANT International Transportation Co., Ltd facilitated trade exchanges among the members of the Union, deliver goods and deliver value and benefits through transport links. The purpose of the Alliance is to actively promote the development, growth, and sustainability of the global alcoholic beverage industry. In order to achieve this, WABA will build a common platform for sharing innovation, culture, and resources. So the cooperation can assume the role of the bridge and the link between the members of the alliance, instantly improve the transport system and management, strengthen the economic links between members and technical cooperation, promote the exchange of resources and products, improve trade efficiency, and affect the economic benefits of the members of the Union in international trade.

(WABA Secretariat Office)