Export Report of Wine Australian


Wine Australian released the latest export report at the end of September 2016 which shows that the quantity of Australian wine exported to China continued to maintain a rapid growth momentum in the past year, the total exports to China surpassed the United States cementing China as the largest export market for Australian wine.

In the past 12 months ending of September 2016, the value of exported wine to Chinese Mainland rose 1.5% to a record $474 million, and the volume of export grew by 52% to 90 million liters. Bottled wine also maintained rapid growth with the value of exports rising 48% to $446 million.

It is particularly worth mentioning is that Australian high-end bottled wine exports grew at a higher rate, reflecting the intense Chinese market demand for Australian high-end wine. The value of exported Australian wine which FOB is higher than $10 per liter rose 63% to $190 million. There are more than 1/3 wine in this price range exported to China. The data demonstrates the acceptance and popularity of Chinese market for high-end Australian wine and more and more importers would like to choose high-end Australian Wine.

This significant growth thanks to that China-Australia FTA came into effect at the end of last year, and tax reduction benefits. The middle class of China is growing and they are thirsty for Australian wine; fueling imports.

The Chinese general manager of Wine Australia Willa Yang said that it is milepost in the history of Australian wine developing in Chinese market that China became the largest Australian wine market for the first time. These gratifying figures, not only thanks to the FTA, but also to the results of hard work from all wineries and Chinese partners. We will cooperate with all the insiders and medias as in the past to jointly promote the fine image of Australian wine, so that more and more consumers fall in love with Australian wine.

The exported situation of Australian wine all over the world:

Export Report of Wine Australian (Year ended September 2016)

Chang Rate

Value of the top 5 export markets


(million AUD)

Chang Rate


$2.17 billion






734 million liters


United States



Average Price

$2.95 /liter


United Kingdom






Hong Kong



The overall value of exported Australian wine grew 10% to $170 million in the past 12 months by the end of September this year.

From the point of view of value of exports, the top five markets are:

•Mainland China, exports increased by 51% to $474 million.

•United States, exports increased by 4.5% to $447 million.

•UK, exports decreased by 2.6% to $360 million.

•Canada, exports increased by 0.7% to $190 million.

•Hong Kong, China, exports increased by 6.8% to $125 million.

This growth is mainly driven by the growth of bottled wine, especially high-end bottled wine increased significantly. Bottled wine exports rose 14% to $1 billion 800 million, and the average price rose 9% to $5.47 per liter, which is the highest in 13 years.

The chief executive of Wine Australia Andreas Clark said:” the latest data shows that the exports of Australian wine continues to experience strong growth, fueld by demand for high-end wine. More than half of the growth is driven by wine priced higher than $10 per liter, the price range of the Wine exports rose 28% to $547 million.

These strong number are the result of the efforts Australian insider made in key wine markets. The Wine Australia will continue to support Australian wine by promoting it in market all over the world, researching in market, and providing policy support so that we can further enhance the international competitiveness of Australia wine.”