Dr. Ante Simonić


Dr. Ante Simonić is the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia (2002-2003), Member of the Croatian Parliament (2000-2002), Vice-Present of the Croatia Peasant Party, and former Croatian Ambassador to China (2008 -2013). Dr. Simonić graduated in medicine, and achieved MS and PhD in medicine at the Medical School Univ. of Rijeka (Croatia). He was Fulbright Scholar in USA (Univ. of. Michigan, Ann Arbor), did his specialization in the Department of Nobel Prize Winner C.Haimans in Gant (Belgium). Later, he served over 30 years as a professor and Head of the Department of Farmacology School of Medicine in University of Rijeka, and was the Dean of Medical School (2 mandates).

Dr. Simonić  is author of seven books, two text-books, and over four hundred scientific and professional articles and invited lectures all over the world. He was the organizer of various scientific congresses and leading scientist in scientific projects, mentor for Ph D students.

Renowned for his contributions to medicine, Dr. Simonić served as advisor to the Ministry of Health of Croatia, and as a member of the Drug Commission of the Republic. He is a member of many professional and scientific national and international associations such as the Croatian Medical Society, the World Pharmacology Association (IUPHAR), the International Toxicology Society, the Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum (CINP), and the European College of Neuropsycho-pharmacology (ECNP). Prof. Simonić was president of Croatian Pharmacology Society (3 mandates)and is a member of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Honorary Ph D of University of Zadar Croatia,Professor Emeritus of University of Rijeka.Dr. Simonić  was founder of several NGOs in Croatia, as: Croatian-Austrian Friendship Association, Croatian-Chinese, Croatia-German, Croatian-Polish, Croatian-Slovenian.

Dr. Simonić was the champion of Ex-Yugoslavia in rowing (7 times), as a member of the national Rowing Team. He was also European Champion (twice) of Soccer (for physicians). For his achievements in various fields, Dr. Simonić received many awards worldwide.