The World Alcoholic Beverage Alliance (WABA) is a non-government, non-profit organization established during the 4th China (Guizhou) International Alcoholic Beverage Expo on the initiative of more than 300 alcohol industry related associations, enterprises and organizations from over 60 countries. It`s goals are to promote the development and sustainability of the alcoholic beverage industry by uniting members, conducting and publishing scientific and economic research, and creating a reliable platform for sharing resources and facilitating e-commerce.

To support the operations of WABA the World Alcoholic Beverage Alliance Guizhou Development Co., Ltd. (WABAGDL) was formed in 2014 with the subsequent establishment of the World Alcoholic Beverage Alliance HK Limited (WABAHKL). Both the Guizhou and the Hong Kong operations offices undertake official secretariat roles for the Alliance, processing-related issues, providing specialized support for the Alliance in areas including but not limited to business development, project management, research, and technical support.

To enhance the efficiency of the Alliance and its Institute for Research, WABAGDL and WABAHKL are working to create a safe and secure platform using the latest anti counterfeit technology. The Alliance is determined to revolutionize the international alcoholic beverage industry by facilitating global cooperation, providing a route into the Chinese market through reliable connections in government and logistics, assisting the export of Chinese wine in the global sphere, and providing a transparent and reliable platform to share resources and conduct trade.