WABA is planning to establish the first wine pre-inspection and quarantine platform in New Zealand


In order to achieve the concrete implementation of the facilitated customs clearance agreement that was decided on March 29, 2018 by WABA and the China Inspection and Quarantine Association, Dr Chen Zeming, the Secretary General of WABA had a meeting with leaders from the China Inspection and inspection (Pacific) Co., Ltd. in the Secretariat of WABA (Guiyang, China), on April 13, 2018. Both sides showed a great interest in establishing a platform that uses the importing standards in the pre-inspection and quarantine of the wine and other related items and processes in the exporting countries.

Creating the pre-inspection and quarantine platform that is recognized by the exporter and the importer in exporting countries means that the finishing of the inspection and quarantine items, which have to be performed in the importing countries, will be completed before the shipment is dispatched. So we can get two results, one based on the criteria for importing countries and another based on the criteria for exporting countries, receiving two inspection certificates from the exporter and the importer, respectively.

Due to the recent Sino-US trade war, the quantity of wine exported from the United States to China will probably experience a sharp decline. Meanwhile France, New Zealand, Australia and other quality suppliers of wine will have a great opportunity to exploit this situation. Therefore the expansion of the export market of wine is more important and urgent than any other period in order to meet predicted demand.

Once the pre-inspection and quarantine process is established, the ease and convenience of exporting wine and other products and the time taken will vastly improve. At the same time it will avoid exposure to the cost of increased transportation time, reduce the risk when the export goods cannot pass through the customs clearance inspection, including the stock retention cost, the transportation, the return cost and even the chance that the product is destroyed, thus greatly reducing the export risk of the enterprise.

To this end, Dr Chen and the leaders of the China Inspection and inspection (Pacific) Co., Ltd. propose that the first wine pre-inspection and quarantine platform should be set up in New Zealand and make it a starting point to be promoted to other countries and regions; and build up the pre-inspection and quarantine platform or institution for more goods according to the characteristics of different countries gradually.

In order to promote this cooperation as soon as possible, Dr Chen has proposed to put the establishment of a pre-inspection and quarantine platform on the project agenda of the 2018 annual meeting of WABA, specific details of cooperation will be introduced at the annual meeting of 2018 .

Promoting the convenience of customs clearance and promoting international trade has always been the ultimate aim of WABA. Since its inception, WABA has been working hard to promote the flow of global wine and reduce complications. Announcing the matter at the annual meeting of 2018 can enhance the influence of the pre-inspection and quarantine platform or institution and get the support of the state inspection and Quarantine Bureau.