SAC means - Standardization Administration of China

The inaugural meeting of the national standardization group for green product assessment was held in Beijing on February 16, which was attended by the experts from SAC and CNCA and the members of the group.

SAC Administrator Tian Shihong addressed the meeting, highlighting that establishing unified green product system is a big decision of the Chinese government. The system plays an important role in implementing green development concepts, promoting supply-side structural reform and product quality improvement, satisfying consumption demand, guiding enterprises’ practice on ecological environment cost as well as helping enterprises shoulder the major responsibility.

Standard, as the driving force of unified green product system, plays a fundamental, strategic and guiding role in national green product development. The newly established standardization group should improve its work mechanism and make joint efforts with various departments, accelerate the release of high-quality standards and the R&D of key projects and standards, actively participate in international standardization work, strengthen the publicity and implementation of standards and raise the influence of standards to better disseminate green development concepts, Tian added.

During the event, the participants deliberated on the draft of the national standard on general rules of green product assessment and the suggestions for a batch of relevant standards projects.

The national standard on the general rules of green product assessment would be released as soon as possible to guide and facilitate related standards development and revision. The list for the first batch of standards on green product assessment is scheduled to be released by the end of the year, providing the technical foundation for green product certification.

Source: Standardization Administration of the P.R.C.