The Annual Meeting of the World Alcohol Beverage Alliance(WABA) has been held for the last four years in Guizhou Province, China in conjunction with the International Wine Expo of China. With the continuous development and expansion of World Alcohol Beverage Alliance and the UN requirements for NGOs, the Annual General Meeting of the World Alcohol Beverage Alliance will in future be held annually by the Union Executive Members globally according to the agreement of last year’s WABA AGM. It was decided that the first international meeting for the World Alcohol Beverage Alliance 2018 AGM will be held in New Zealand on June 9, 2018.

The conference theme will be: ‘To build a platform to promote the internationalization of liquor resources’. Main agenda of the conference concludes Leaders’ speeches, theme forums, theme announcements, theme launches, theme investigation and so on.500 to 600 distinguished guests, experts, scholars and other distinguished guests from all over the world will be involved in this Conference.

Has confirmed preliminarily the attendance of leaders: state leaders of New Zealand; Ante Simonić, Chairman of WABA (Former Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia); Lawrentzia Vasilescu, Vice Chairman of the Alcohol Business and Economics Committee of WABA (former Executive Chairman of the Socialist Party of Romania); Thailand, Vice Chair Nation of WABA, will be attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and other ministers; Terence Dunleavy, Vice Chairman of the Alcohol Culture and Society Committee of WABA and former Chairman of New Zealand Wine Research Instituted; China Liquor Circulation Association; China Alcohol Drinks Association; China Import and export inspection agency; liquor-manufacturing enterprises and so on. More guests are being identified.

The Development Report of Global Alcohol Industry will be published in both Chinese and English versions by China Business Press. the editorial board is consisted of leaders related countries and China. Furthermore the ‘Guide to Chinese Liquor’ that is moderated by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China will be released.

the conference will start the internationalization of Chinese alcohol industry and ‘The Belt and Road’ strategy of China’s alcohol industry. Ante Simonić, Chairman of WABA and state leaders of New Zealand, will start the strategy button for the internationalization of alcohol industry together.

Chinese Media that have confirmed attendance so far:Chinese media represented by CCTV4, Xinhua News Agency Office in New Zealand, and People’s Daily, and local media represented by New Zealand’s TV1 and Facebook.

after the conference, by the New Zealand government and the Wine Organizations commissioned, we will arrange distinguished guests to Christchurch, New Zealand, Queens-town and other negotiation interests according to their needs.

Secretariat of WABA

March 17,2018