Chinese Baijiu and Indian whisky now accounts for 47% of the global consumption, and is expected to rise by 25 million cases from 2016 to 2020, accounting for more than half of the global growth. Vodka consumption reached to 459 million cases in 2016, and became world’s largely consumed spirit in the same year.

 But it will expect to decline by 4.3% by 2020. The main reason for the decline was due to reduction in the consumption of alcohol in CIS countries, which was mostly affected by entry-level vodka. On the contrary, high-end vodka will expect to grow strongly in the international market.

From the years 2016 to 2020, the Asia Pacific region of the world will continue to grow as   the world largest market for spirits consumption and it will increase by 51.7 million cases. Apart from the Asia pacific other continents like Africa and Middle East it is predicting to grow by 7.12 million cases, while the consumption in American continent will increase by 6.04 million cases according to VINEXPO/IWSR’s report. Also the consumption in Commonwealth of Independent States / Russian Federation is expected to suffer the biggest decline, and its consumption of spirits will reduce by 22.17 million cases while Europe’s spirits consumption will remain relatively stable with only 130 thousand cases reduction.

(Quoted from WABA “2018 the Development Report of Global Alcohol Industry “)