According to the statistics from Kirin on 171 countries and regions, the world beer production had been decreased from past two years which was 2014 and 2015. The world beer production was 1907.1 mhl in 2014, 0.7% lower than the 1920.5 mhl of the previous year. And the number decreased by 1.1% to 1886.4 mhl in 2015. Except Africa, but it shows reduction of production in other parts of the world.

This kind global reduction occurred in 1984, with a reduction of 0.4% (statistics of Japanese Kirin company began in 1974, and global beer production was 770 mhl at that time. During the past 30 years from 1985 to 2013, the world’s beer production continued to grow since then.

In addition, data from IWSR(International Wine and Spirits Research) showed that the global beer production declined by 1.8% to 1853 mhl in 2016, which is expected to continue declined to 1810 mhl in 2017.


(Quoted from 2018 The Development Report of Global Alcohol Industry)