Successful completion of World Alcohol Beverage Alliance Wine & Art Evening on 29th August 2018 at AI Gallery Auckland. The event started with the introduction of WABA by our Overseas Operation Manager Mrs. Olive .

World Alcohol Beverage Alliance (WABA) is a non-government and non-profit international organization backed up with Chinese government support and in association with China Food and Animal Import & Export Chamber of Commerce, China Alcohol Circulation Association, China Entry-Exit Inspection Quarantine Association and China Inspection Quarantine Academy of Sciences., in her speech she also discussed the ongoing projects of WABA such as Customs pre-clearance (CAIQ Test) which will provide the necessary paperwork for both New Zealand and China before you send your consignment, expediting the shipment through customs in China because it has already been cleared, Exclusive members discount provided by COMTRANS, one of China’s leading logistics company and a China Government state owned enterprise that offers a global  logistics service, interfaces with international logistics service, inspection and customs clearance, A new Chinese Philanthropic Initiative ( CPI ) built by the Bank of China that will be a very popular E-commerce platform, the proceeds of which will benefit worthwhile causes etc. And how they are going to benefit New Zealand Wine industry in an order to optimize the demand capacity of China.

Followed by her, the Managing Director of Winery of the Month “Coopers Creek “who’s one of our valuable member Mr. Andrew Hendry given a brief about his 30 years of journey as a winery owner and about the different varieties of wines which guests are going to explore in the auspicious evening.

Event mark the presence of over 60 guests by China’s big entrepreneurs based in New Zealand of different industries and other government & industry experts to explore the wonderful taste of the award-winning adventurous wines in 8 different categories.

It was a unique evening which mesmerized the attendees with Art of Auckland International Gallery with amazing live violin performance while stimulating the taste buds with exotic wines of Coopers Creek with the huge exposure of business networking opportunity to develop and grow together which WABA as an organization strongly believe in.

Our event sponsors: Coopers Creek, Trisan New Zealand, James Law Group, AI Gallery, were highly praised and appreciated by every guests.

Many congratulations to Coopers Creek for taking the first step towards the growth & development with WABA and making WABA Art & Wine Evening a success by seeing the opportunity.


(Quoted by Dolly Bakshi (WABA New Zealand office)