World Alcohol Beverage Alliance (WABA) is going to host the First China Wine Consumption, Culture Festival & Alcohol Food Trading Expo 2018 at Chongqing.


In order to increase the overall supply of the alcohol industry and to meet the effective demand,  WABA is in cooperation with China National Association for Liquor and Spirits Circulation to organize the First China Wine Consumption, Culture Festival and Alcohol Food Trading Expo 2018 at Chongqing.

“The Festival” will be held at the Chongqing International Expo Center on November 14 To 16, 2018. On this grand occasion, alcohol production and circulation enterprises, goods soldiers, financial supply chain, internet product suppliers, liquor related industrial chain enterprises, agricultural products deep processing enterprises, etc. will be participating from all across the industry.

It is strongly supported by the Chongqing Business Committee, Chongqing Federation of Commerce and Industry, Chinese major alcohol associations,, the Tencent news, China wine industry network etc. And it will be specifically organized by Chongqing alcohol circulation association.

World Alcohol Beverage Alliance International Research Institute will also release its “2018 the Development Report of Global Alcohol Industry” in both Chinese and English which is compiled of 300,000 words. A series of activities will be carried out ,such as “Helping the development of China’s wine industry and sharing the world’s development opportunities” – “Chongqing Consensus” for the transformation and upgrading of the new era Alcohol industry,”Married” to the traditional culture – the main forum for the consumption culture of wine and the construction of high-quality living channels,promotion meeting for the open highland wine trade project in the west (Chongqing),China Wine Industry Forum Second Community Development Conference.

The exhibition featured a selection of special wines, exhibits by the fine wineries of New Zealand representing as members of World Alcohol Beverage Alliance , and also attracting large number of new world renown wineries to participate across the globe. It’s an initiative to “Let the world better understand China and let China better integrate into the world”. Chongqing will create a new benchmark by this global wine industry event in an order to create a new global wine exchange center.


(WABA research centre)