Yiqi Shanyuanis an E-commerce charity platform operated by ZhongyiShanyuan(Technology) Co., Ltd., as qualified by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs. ZhongyiShanyuan(Technology) Co. Ltd., is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank of China Group Investment Limited, which is a Fortune 500 company with global influence.
Registration Capital of ¥174 million
Currently more than 2 million subscribers
Helping more than 900,000 poverty-stricken families
More than 5,000 transactions per day

The employees from hundreds of state-owned companies are already consumers for ‘Yiqi Shanyuan.’ The purpose of the initiative is to encourage individuals and companies to develop socially responsible habits.The philanthropic model includes crowdfunding, foundation, volunteering, Corporate Social Responsibility, Fund-raising platform, purchasing and so on.

This will be a great opportunity to enter into the Chinese wine market and enhance further business development.
To help raise brand awareness in the world market.
To facilitate further business opportunities between New Zealand and China.