The First Expert Certification Ceremony of the International Wine Research Institute of World Alcohol Beverage Alliance with the conference which agenda was to promote the High-quality Sauce and Wine was held in Guiyang City, of Guizhou province of China.

At the Ceremony, the Expert Committee of the International Wine Research Institute of World Alcohol Beverage Alliance announced the first batch of expert in bulletin (No. 1). In this eleven experts from the first batch of expert committees elected Ji Keliang, Li Youjin, Zhang Baochun, Feng Xiaolun, Li Mingcan, Zhang Zizhong, Huang Ping, Fang Changzhong, Wu Tianxiang, Qiu Shuyi and Guo Wulin. All the mentioned expert bulletins is composed of well-known experts and scholars in the field of China’s wine industry, which was inclusive of list of experts starting from brewing taste, marketing, cultural brand, enterprise operation to quality and safety. Which also represented the experts from the main producing areas of Chinese Maotai-flavor liquor and Luzhou-flavor liquor.

The International Academy of Wine Industry currently has a series of expert committees on different department of alcohol industry from brewing quality assessment, marketing, cultural brand, enterprise operation to quality and safety. According to the Regulations of Experts Committee of the International Academy of Wine Industry of WABA (Trial Implementation), they all are recommended by experts and examined properly for their qualifications after that they were finally approved by the International Academy of Wine Industry and WABA.

Wu Honglin, Vice-Chairman of the 10th CPPCC Committee of Guizhou Province, President of Guizhou Enterprise Federation, President of Guizhou Entrepreneur Association, Professor Chen Zeming, Secretary-General of the International Wine Research Institute, economist  Li Wuwei, representing the President of the International Wine Research Institute, Vice-Chairman of the 11th CPPCC National Committee all together issued the certificate to all the Eleven elected experts, they are the  representatives & experts from Yantai, Sichuan Yibin and Guizhou Renhuai for the China national wine Luzhou flavor and Maotai flavor liquor of China.

Major General Chen Qingyun, the former commander of the Guizhou Military Region, delivered a warm speech with a great enthusiasm at the meeting. He heartily welcomed all the experts and scholars to attend the first ceremony and also praised & congratulated the first batch of elected experts of the elected committee.

On behalf of the elected experts, Dr. Wu Tianxiang expressed his views and said that it is necessary to fully perform the role of expert committee members for the purpose of promoting the scientific research of alcohol industry with the aim of globalization of standards & its development. To achieve these goals we all have to focus on exchange and development of world alcohol industry by which it can be promoted through the integration of innovation of various disciplines and majors with the various functions of formulating standards, researching problems and decision-making consultation.

The event was proudly hosted by WABA International Wine Research Institute, supported by Maotai College, Guizhou Light Industry Research Institute, Guizhou University Wine and Food Engineering College, Guizhou Provincial Food Vocational College, concretely held by Secretariat of International Wine Research Institute , Guizhou Province of China “Wine Industry Association”.

Finally, towards the end of the ceremony guests also attended the conference which was held to represent the agenda of  a high-quality sauce liqueur in Guizhou with the promotion of poverty alleviation in Guizhou. Representative from the Jinmao Liquor expressed his views with a warm speech on alcohol industry and promotional activities to be done on the agenda of poverty alleviation in Guizhou.



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Modified By: Dolly Bakshi

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