On November 12th “The Classic Wine Tasting Event” 2018 held by WABA in Shanghai China and participated by New Zealand Fine wineries and Premium Bottled Water Company.

As the year 2019 the China-New Zealand Year of Tourism WABA New Zealand took as an opportunity to join hands with local New Zealand companies and professionals to organize the China Tour, in which they will share the New Zealand wine culture and specialties. New Zealand’s recent developments in the fields of culture, education, economy, trade and investment. And the tour will demonstrate the complementary potential of the two sides.



So the magnificent journey started with “The Classic Wine Tasting Event” in China’s biggest and prosperous city Shanghai which is known for its historical landmarks and modern skylines in renowned restaurant Qian Xiang Ge which is a classic representation of Guizhou province and its authentic culture.



The event started with introduction speech by Mrs. Olive Chen Overseas Manager, she said that 2019 is the China-New Zealand Year of Tourism. The past decades have witnessed the win-win cooperation, close economic and trade exchanges, and in-depth cultural exchanges between China and New Zealand.

Over the past few years, China has grown into New Zealand’s largest trading partner, the largest export market, the largest source of international tourists, and the largest source of education consumers.  And than she introduced the enthusiastic participates & WABA members from New Zealand Branch Office started from winners Copper Creek, Maimai Creek, Decibel, Steve Bird Winery, Aorangi Road, Tarras,  Kuru Kuru and 8 Water which is a premium bottled water company.

Event mark the presence of more than 50 guests from the alcohol industry which included experts, entrepreneur’s, scholars, distributors, buyers and so on .

Attendees tasted the different variety of Wines presented by our valuable member wineries of New Zealand which really impressed every one as the wines are of fine quality and sustainable in nature which truly given the image of respected country of their origin.

The authentic Guizhou style ambience and Wines of New Zealand Created an atmosphere of culture, knowledge, trade & business which truly represented WABA Initiative.

At the end of the event there were also luck draws in which guests got the Wine Bottles from the wineries repetitive as a gift to finish the unforgettable event which marked the positive start of the tour for members and Team WABA New Zealand branch office under the supervision of our experienced & extraordinary Overseas Manager Mrs. Olive Chen.



Source: WABA New Zealand Branch Office

Article By: Dolly Bakshi (WABA New Zealand Branch Office)