On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Jiangnan University, Dr. Chen Zeming, Secretary-General of the World Alcohol Beverage Alliance, doctoral supervisor, guest professor of Jiangnan University, together with Zhu Minglong, the chairman of the board and senior alumni, visited Jiangnan University on November 11, 2018. At this memorable day, they met with Xu Yan, the Vice President of Jiangnan University, member of the Bioengineering and Biotechnology Professional Committee of the Ministry of Education, member of the National Natural Science Discipline Review Group, and doctoral supervisor, and have conducted in-depth discussions on some basic but important research issues in the development of the global alcohol industry

After this, Dr. Chen Zeming introduced the establishment of the expert committee of the alcohol tasting, circulation marketing, cultural brand, enterprise operation, quality and safety in the international research institute of World Alcohol Beverage Alliance. During the conversation, they have exchanged the ideas on the crucial role of expert committee in formulating standards, research issues, and decision-making consultations in the aspects of China’s alcohol manufacturing, process and culture. He also emphasized on the importance to strengthen the industrial chain foundation and apply research of improving wine industry when promoting the exchange and development of the world alcohol industry. This is the requirement of the current industrial intensive and environmentally friendly alcohol industry.

At the same time, the discussion has also covered the hypothesis of positive role of moderate drinking and fist guessing to health and its importance correspondingly. Lastly, Mr Chen Zeming, Secretary General, believed that the trend of internationalization of Chinese alcohol industry is inevitable. To promote the trend, it requires to enhance the integration and innovation of global alcohol resources. More new products are going to launch and meet the international market. This view was unanimously agreed by the senior alumni, Zhu Minglong and the vice president of Jiangnan University, Xu Yan.

Accompanied by the senior alumni, Chairman Zhu Minglong,  Secretary-General of WABA, Chen Zeming, visited Cheng Xinmao, former Party Secretary of Jiangnan University, and expressed his cordial greetings.