On January 13th, 2019, professor Chen Zeming, core expert of WABA “White Paper” team, the Secretary of WABA, the Deputy Director and academic committee member of the Research Center for Economy of Upper Reaches of the Yangtse River, member of the review committee of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, professor, Ph.D. supervisor of Chongqing University, postdoctoral supervisor of the Workstation of Fudan University & Central South University & Bank of Guizhou, and Dr. He Shan and Dr. Cui Yun, post-doctors of Fudan University participated in The Guizhou Tour and The 8th Mingze Forum of Masters and Doctors in Majiang County.

The forum is to further implement the spirit of the Three-Year Action against poverty of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, strengthen the work of poverty alleviation and stimulate the endogenous momentum in poor areas. Invited by the People’s Government of Majiang County, the forum was hosted by Guizhou Senior Management Talent Promotion Association and Guizhou Branch of Fudan University Postdoctoral Council. The forum has been held for eight consecutive years. Through activities such as academic forum and project matchmaking, centered around the theme that we will pay more attention to helping people increase confidence in their own ability and access the education to win the battle against poverty, the forum guided the post-doctors, doctors, masters, entrepreneurs, and other senior talents to explore the promotion of enterprise operation and the strengthen of competitiveness under the New Normal to promote the industrial poverty alleviation.

Guests attending the forum are: Ph.D. supervisor Zhang Luyang, excutive chairman of Fudan University Postdoctoral Council and Director of China Venture Capital Center; Professor Chen Zeming; Gan Zebo, deputy county magistrate of the People’s Government of Majiang County; Representatives from the relevant fields; and experts of the forum.

The forum officially started at 9:00 am on the 13th. Gan Zebo extended the warm welcome to the opening of the forum, and introduced that Majiang County is a national-level poverty county with 80% population of ethnic minorities. He expressed his hope that the forum would discuss taking targeted measures to help Majiang County out of poverty and rural revitalization. By giving full play to the roles of the platform and experts, the poverty alleviation work will be strengthened and the production power of the poor areas be stimulated. Through the forum, efforts will be made to strengthen the project matchmaking and to fight against poverty by developing industry, so as to realize cooperative development and create a better future.

Professor Chen Zeming pointed out that knowledge is the foundation of innovation; innovation is the source of development; development is the foundation of poverty alleviation. With limited resources, the best way to satisfy the growing needs of the people is to innovate. Innovation can greatly improve the efficiency of resource allocation whose key lies in mobilizing people’s enthusiasm. At the same time, he pointed out that knowledge is a non-consumable resource with infinite value, and can be used to help educate poor people. It is advocated that all people should pursuit unlimited knowledge instead of resources. Combined with Xia Tonghe, once a famous scholar in Majiang County, Professor Chen said that as an intellectual, one must study continuously first. Xia Tonghe, achieved the No.1 in his 24 years old, studied abroad when he served as an official and established China’s first administrative law. His spirit is worth learning; Secondly, what we should learn is Xia’s initiative to organized Miao people to fight against the enemies when the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded China. When the country is in need, we should shoulder our responsibilities. Now, China is at a critical stage in the battle against poverty. As an intellectual, one should actively offer advice and suggestions to the governments in poor areas to help them get rid of poverty as soon as possible; Thirdly, the intellectual need to have the noble quality of humility. Xia’s humility was reflected in his test paper, which is the most difficult but also the most important for intellectuals to achieve.

Zhang Luyang has made a keynote speech and analyzed the latest economic trends, opportunities and challenges faced by China at present. He also believes that China should rely on innovation and technology to achieve transcendence in the neat 30 years. We should start from the supply and production to liberate productivity, ultimately to improve the competitiveness and promote economic growth.

Dr. Yang Min analyzed the law of innovation from its absoluteness and relativity and methodology. Master Liu Zhengwen shared his experiences of poverty alleviation at grassroots level and innovative practices. Dr. Yu Weifeng shared the differentiated development of commercial banks.

After the speech, the next part of the forum is face-to-face communication and discuss. The representatives of Majiang County put forward many questions and discussed actively on the problems encountered during the development of local industry, tourism and poverty alleviation. The main problems are: firstly, the little benefits of the blueberry deep processing enterprises and how to improve the capacity; secondly, the blueberry industry market in Majiang County has not been fully developed, and the relevant enterprises are few and small in scale and how to extend the market and benefit the poor people; thirdly, rural tourism is lack of characteristics and has too much artificial traces. Though the hardware has been established, there is no tourists to visit. What should they do to better attract tourists.

Professor Chen Zeming pointed out that the best way to promoted regional industries and market is to unify management, improve product quality, build brands and realize cooperative operation. Publicity can be carried out through new media such as Tik Tok; in terms of blueberry deep processing, there is no perfect system in China at present, so it is recommended to learn from foreign countries; The advantage of WABA could help Majiang attract foreign enterprises and capital; at the same time, the introduction of foreign advanced wine technology could be used to upgrade the quality of Majiang’s blueberry wine; WABA is willing to help Majiang’s wine enterprises to participate various exhibitions and sell their product worldwide. The development of rural tourism need to find its own characteristics on a national level, and Majiang could invite the professional team of WABA to explore its local culture and characteristics such as its blueberry industry and the culture centered around the number one scholar Xia Tonghe. By combining these two, the tourism industry can get double result with half the effort, and these two will give Majiang unique advantages in market. In doing so, the industry and tourism will bring economic and social benefits to the local people. Only through this way we can truly help the poor to shake off poverty and become rich in the long run.

At the end, Gan Zebo expressed his gratitude to the experts and guests, and declared the closing of this forum.


Song Xingxing, special correspondent of WABA