On January 28,2019, to support the efforts of poverty alleviation of Chinese government, under the guidance of WABA, the Association of Guizhou Alcohol Beverage Industry hosted the first Spring Festival Gala of Internet Celebrities in Guizhou. The theme of the gala is “local products promotion and poverty alleviation”, with the principle of “spreading the positive energy and telling the story of the Internet celebrities, looking for highlights of online shopping and establishing excellent examples of the Internet celebrities”. This gala is a unique cultural feast of 2019, “the first year of the Internet celebrities”.

Dr. Chen Zeming, general secretary of the WABA and president of the Association of Guizhou Alcohol Beverage Industry, attended the gala and congratulated the success of the gala and expressed his new year wishes to alcohol beverage enterprises. He said that at present China has 960 million netizens, according to the People’s Daily, China’s Internet celebrities’ economy has reached 2 trillion yuan, through the promotion of the Internet celebrities, the local products of Guizhou could be spread nationwide, in doing so, Guizhou is expected to get rid of poverty and show its natural beauty and communicate its precious resources, which is corresponding to the strategy of Guizhou provincial Party committee and provincial government. This is an innovation of combining circulation and communication, which is well worth studying for scholars.

The gala was hosted by Liang Shiyuan and Liang Shuai, and live-streamed on Kuaishou APP. Through the combination of big screen, small screen, online, and offline, the stars, Internet celebrities and their fans participated actively in the gala. In the gala, the product directly sold by online ordering and flash sale, facilitating the promotion and spread of Guizhou’s culture and specialties. Liang XIaoyu, Chinese male singer and musician, Chen Sinian, Hua Xiaolei, Luo Jing, Zhang Qingsong, A Xiong, etc., who have hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans have performed on the stage. The songs reflecting unique ethnic culture displayed the unity of the Chinese people, the celebration of Chinese New Year, and the yearning for realizing Chinese Dream. The audience both in the stadium and on the Internet applauded the success of the gala continuously. And the Internet celebrities and stars and their innumerous fans have pushed the gala to climax again and again.

Toutiao.com, Guizhou TV, Guizhou Daily and other medias have reported the gala. Jiang Zhaocan, vice president of Tian Chao Shang Pin, has given a speech as a representative of alcohol beverage enterprises. Tian Chao Shang Pin wishes to present the world a magnificent bottle through Internet and new media. Besides, Cai Bo from Mei Jiu He Group represented his products to extend his new year wishes to the people of Guizhou province.


Correspondent of WABA Jin Lei