Months after months, WABA Wine Tasting Event of the month accomplished success story of different member wineries of New Zealand. This event really helped wineries to connect with China massive market opportunities internationally. Hence following the legacy, we opened 2019 with astonishing and one of the most awaited wine tasting event.

The tasting event is co-organized by AFC Holding, Longview Estate and Jazzbay. The quality and value of white diamond wine of Longview Estate which is called as the world’s top sweet white wine, far surpasses similar products in the world. And the orchard of Jazz Bay Blueberry Estate is situated in the northern region of Hamilton. This area is well-known for its premium blueberries with enormous health benefits i.e. cancer prevention, protected eyesight etc.

The event set a great example for helping the hosts and the guests who are wine lovers and entrepreneurs to build a strong business network together. Great enthusiasm was seen to win the heart of the attendees. Wine guessing games were played in-between and the final winners were presented with exciting and expensive ranges of award-winning wines to luxurious skin care products. This makes it an overall wonderful experience for the attendees from all the different sectors.


WABA New Zealand Branch