The forth United Nations Environment Assembly was held from March 11 to 15 this year on the theme of “Innovation solutions for environmental challenges and sustainable consumption and production”. The UNEA 2019 expressed support for innovative measures to address environmental challenges such as climate change, plastic pollution, and resource depletion and to move forwards a sustainable future through sustainable consumption and production.


WABA’s principle has been committed to alcohol resource conservation, environmental protection, and green development. WABA has released Report on Global Alcohol Industry Development in both Chinese and English versions to reveal and guide the alcohol industry to produce, circulate, and consume in an environmental friendly way in all industry sectors. In the primary industry, the raw material of alcohol is natural plant which is fruits of the land and labor; in the second industry, alcohol is produced by traditional process, advanced equipment and chemicals-free; in the tertiary industry, the standardized circulation and consumption have no harm to environment. The alcohol industry is environment-friendly.

According to UN’s requirements for environment protection, WABA focuses on promoting the alcohol resources conversation, circulation efficiency, and scientific consumption. Since its establishment, it has promoted and improved the corresponding global standards for alcohol industry. The Report on Global Alcohol Industry Development 2016 promoted the spread of the identification, classification, and physical and chemical indexes of strong-source baijiu of TC358, which enhanced the standardized and economized the alcohol production as well as the efficiency of resource utilization; WABA’s report publishes and promotes the models of reducing circulation links and innovative marketing methods each year, helping establish the resource and environment friendly circulation patterns; WABA has released authoritative reports by the Ministry of Commerce of China and the China Import and Export Food Safety Administration on the alcohol circulation, import and export situation; WABA has actively promoted the establishment of global alcohol standardization system, source tracing system, and exchanges and cooperation of environment-friendly technologies and process; Since the establishment of WABAIR in 2005, it has released the alcohol industry development index every year, analyzing the current situation, industry index, development environment, development cycle, development trend of alcohol industry globally, so as to improve the resource output rate of alcohol-related industries and reduce even eliminate the carbon emissions.

Li Jinhua, vice-chairman of the the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, said at the annual meeting of WABA, WABA, jointly organized by more than 60 countries and regions and more than 300 alcohol associations, will surely push the global alcohol industry onto a strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive development path in production, consumption, and scientific research. WABA’s sustainable goal is making the global alcohol industry a resource-saving and environment-friendly industry, which also is the basis of the development of WABA.



                                                             WABAIR Fu Shuang

 Apirl 3,2019