The development of alcohol industry bears its progress of brewing technology, process, management, and standard, and gradually establishes a unique culture.

As the United Nations Economic and Social Council regards the study of international economy, community, development, culture, education, and health as its responsibility, WABA also regards the study of alcohol-related issues and the promotion of alcohol culture as its important responsibility.

WABAIR has made the first in-depth study on the origin of wine and Chinese alcohol. The earliest evidence appeared in 7000 BC in China during the Cishan period, and in 6000 years ago in Georgia. Europe is the post-domestication and dissemination center of grape cultivation. WABA publishes the Development Report of Global Alcohol Industry every year; and has explored industrial model, circular economy, industrial and exposition parks in the production process; explored e-commerce, the integration of global alcohol market in the circulation process; organized international delegation to visit China for exchanges and hosted The First China (Chongqing) Alcohol Beverage Consumer Culture Festival & Famous Alcohol Beverage Trade Expo, monthly tasting event, cultural exchange meetings and guided the Lai Mao Cup, a drinker’s wager game in the process of cooperation; In terms of innovation, WABA has carried out alcohol-related researches such as Report on the Impact Mechanism of Maotai-flavor Baijiu on Human Health, Report on the Standard and Test of Soft Maotai-flavor Baijiu, Research on the Incentive Mechanism and Effect of Moderate Drinking on Conduction Function of Human Nerve Based on the Drinker’s Wager Game, Innovation of Brand Operation to Build Lai Mao’s Core Value and so on.

Alcohol beverage is both a material product and a spiritual product. The development of alcohol culture will definitely bring people more nourishment for mind.

                                                  WABAIR Fu Shuang