To promote the Chinese wine culture, “Lai Mao Cup” The 3rd China “Guessing Command” championship has recently started in various provinces across the country. This competition is directed by the World Alcohol Beverage Alliance, China Alcoholic Drinks Association, China Wine History Research Center, China Wine Culture Research Center, Chongqing Social Science Federation, Chongqing Municipal Business Council, Chongqing Federation of Industry and Commerce, etc., and hosted by Chongqing Wine Culture Research Association.

After two consecutive sessions in Chongqing, the International Wine Industry Research Institute of World Alcohol Beverage Alliance organized the National Natural Science Foundation experts, PhD supervisors, professors, visiting scholars of French, Swedish, and Canadian, and postdoctoral research teams and has initiated a study on the incentive mechanism and function of moderate drinking on human neurotransmission function based on guessing.  At present, the research has entered the stage of empirical testing with Lai Mao’s Treasures Series. The study has explored the mechanism of the influence of bioelectricity on the conduction velocity of human nerve, bioelectricity and envelope potentiase activity, enzyme activity and alcohol and other related factors, and preliminarily revealed the positive effect of the activity on brain-training, anti-dementia, and avoiding Alzheimer’s disease.

Through this wine culture activity, people are guided to adopt a healthy and positive “guessing and ordering scientific drinking” approach,and it will pass the positive energy of civilized drinking and healthy drinking to the society .

It is reported that the competition has started audition in various provinces in the country recently, and will hold the finals in Chongqing on November 12 this year. The winners will receive tens of thousands to millions of prizes and one 699 yuan / bottle of “Lai Mao Treasures” wine awards produced by Guizhou Moutai Co., Ltd. At the same time, players who participate in the national finals will also receive free medical examinations and tests for scientific research projects.

The activity has established a unified standard and strict procedures. It will be carried out under and fair and just supervision of third party. At the same time, the event has also invited more than 100 media from China and overseas to follow up and report.



Luo Liang, Correspondent of WABA

April 12, 2019