Social influencers are known to use the social media to influence the fashion, beauty and other sectors but in a giant market like China they hold a strong brand value and heavy influence on making the brand.

In China these social influencer’s are called (KOLs) key opinion leaders who have end number of masses following their opinion from an apparel brand to newest wine out of New Zealand in the market. They use the most popular platforms such as WeChat, Tmall, Weibo. Hence with this kind of huge impact of social media and internet is surely dominating the Asian market.

According to NZ Herald article Sarah Heller, founder of Heller Beverage Advisory and a Master of Wine, says female influencers play a critical role in China’s wine trade, evident by rising female consumption statistics in Asia. She also added that “Social media is at an interesting intersection at the moment, in in line with e-commerce,” Heller told wine producers at the Sauvignon Blanc symposium in Blenheim last week. Though expensive, around $7000 per month, social media marketing – “contemporary retail”, is increasingly the way wine is being sold to the masses in China and particularly so for international wine labels.  Feng Fan, Xiaowen Ju, Lu Han, Vanessa Hong, Wanwan Lei, Leaf Greener, Fil Xiaobai are few of most  popular influencers in China.

As per the sources wineries of New Zealand also had their teams working closely with the social media influencers to get the insight of the market in an order to create the big impact about the brand. These KLOS are large in numbers in China with exceptional number of followers following their opinion. And the promotions on social media is becoming a key factor to increase the sales as well customer loyalty specially Wines. It’s the latest trend of Asian market to break the barriers and get success on the complex market upfront.



Collated according to NZ Herald New Zealand.