Drinking alcohol is an eternal topic that human beings cannot avoid. Excessive drinking has many negative effects. To drink alcohol moderately to promote physical and mental health, and to promote social interaction, stability, and harmony have always been the focus in the researches in medicine, diet, and culture in ancient and modern world.

As for the relation between drinking alcohol and health, Li Shizhen, Chinese medical scientist and pioneer of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said in the Compendium of Materia Medica that drinking little amount of alcohol can help the function of blood and qi, however, large amount may do harm to the blood and the essence of the stomach, which means more sputum and more fire to the inner body.” There are also medical researches showing that drinking moderately is good for people’s well-being, which can relieve one’s stress, optimize one’s mentality, and promote one’s health.

To promote people’s physical and mental health, World Alcohol Beverage Association(WABA)has participated in the National Major Basic Research and Development Program (referred to as “973 Project”), among which there is a experiment with Moutai spirit, and it turned out that the factor P53 in Moutai spirit is good for people’s health. The achievements report of “Research on the Molecular Mechanism of Moutai spirit’s Function on the Liver” has been published on theDevelopment Report of Global Alcohol Industry 2015.WABA has organized the research and edit of Instruction of Chinese Baijiu hosted and supported by Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. The Instruction has done the researches on the benefit of moderately drinking alcohol and the style of drinking. WABA has launched multiple times of wine tastings, which promoted many high-quality wine and healthy ways of drinking. It has also organized the tours of the exchange and communication between Chinese and New Zealand culture, promoting the healthy way of drinking alcohol. At the 60th anniversary of the founding of Jiangnan University, WABA has organized the discussion with the professors of Jiangnan University on the benefit of moderately drinking alcohol and “finger-guessing” games while drinking.

WABA has educated more people about a healthier way of drink and promoted people’s mental and physical health, which has boosted the spread of health culture and science.


Fushuang, Researcher of WABA Research Institute