Taste good wine to encounter a more beautiful self.

To promote the exchanges of wine merchants and wine lovers, and jointly build a wine production and consumption distribution platform, the New Zealand branch  of WABA held a wine tasting event on May 23rd. That night, WABA’s boutique members including New Zealand’s famous winery Steve Bird, Aorangi Road and mineral water manufacturer 8 Water shared their success stories with guests from different industries and tasted the fine wine which brought the wonderful experience to their taste buds.

Toast to welcome guests

Olive, the general manager of the New Zealand branch  of WABA, presented a toast to the guests who participated in the wine tasting event. Ray, managing director of JP Group, addressed the guests. In addition, Auckland city councillor Paul Young was specially invited to deliver a greeting speech, cordially greeting the Asian compatriots present.


The representatives of the winery warmly exchanged ideas with wine lovers. The glasses in the hands of each participant not only contained fine wine, but also carried the sincerity of the organizer.


The fun lottery and buffet food at the event made the wine lovers feel the warmth of the cold winter.


▲Announce winner of the lottery, prizes including high-quality New Zealand wine, JP SPA vouchers and 7-day use rights for luxury convertibles, which was accompanied with a round of applause and cheers.


▲ Delicious snacks with quality wine immersed the taste bud itself into enjoyment.

▲  The wine tasting event organized by WABA New Zealand branch  in May was a complete success.