World Alcohol Beverage Alliance (WABA) Embraces Grand Alcohol Culture


Alcohol, a beverage with a long history, is discovered and produced by human beings. As it is indispensable in the development of society throughout history, the culture of alcohol has affected people’s lives in all aspects.

Alcohol culture is mainly embodied in drinking manner and etiquette as well as the brewing process. When drinking, one should be aware of their alcohol tolerance, drink moderately, and never force others to drink. The brewing process includes saccharification, fermentation, filtration, and sterilization. WABA has kept the essence of drinking manner and etiquette by promoting legal and moderate alcohol consumption. Meanwhile, WABA has enhanced researches on a variety of alcohol-related fields. For example, a study has been conducted on “Incentive Mechanism and Effect of Finger-guessing Games in Moderate Drinking on Human Nerve Conduction.” Also, WABA has guided the “Lai Mao Cup” Finger-guessing Game in a bid to promote healthy and positive activities to invigorate the alcohol culture.

WABA has undertaken in-depth researches on the brewing process as well as the origin of global wine and Chinese alcohol beverages. Based on the studies, WABA releases The Development Report of Global Alcohol Industry annually to explore the innovation of the alcohol industry mode in production and circulation links. In line with the United Nations requirements on environmental protection, WABA has been advocating scientific brewing and good drinking manner. Taking natural plants as raw materials as well as brewing with traditional technology and advanced equipment, the alcohol industry can be regarded as an ecological-friendly industry.

Committed to preserving and passing on alcohol culture, WABA will ceaselessly coordinate the development of alcohol industry with economy, politics, as well as culture by constantly improving its research. With the contribution of WABA, we are sure to see booming alcohol culture in the long run.


Zhao Shiyu, WABAIR