WABA wine overseas flagship store opened on July 16! From July 16, new and old customers can buy a variety of high-quality imported wines in the store by searching “WABA wine overseas flagship store” on JD APP.

WABA has many member wineries around the world, which can provide wines featuring original ecology, the best quality, the lowest price and the most varieties. These wineries boast superior natural conditions, original ecological environment without pollution and diversified regional climate, producing the original ecological wines; high-quality grapes are selected by hand picking, and then high-quality wines are produced by the meticulous processing process and integrating modern wine-making technology with traditional one; these wines are directly delivered through the original wineries around the world, characterized by different varieties and low cost.

There are a variety of high-quality wines in WABA wine overseas flagship store, including wines from New Zealand Toi Toi, Steve Bird and other major wineries. They mainly consist of red wine, white wine, etc., which can be divided into Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and so on.

Peter Goodfellow, president of New Zealand, said at the 2018 annual meeting of WABA, “New Zealand is an excellent producer of wine, famous for its ‘Sauvignon Blanc’, just as Chinese wine is famous for its ‘Moutai’. New Zealand boasts the unique island rainy climate, as well as the quality of the original ecological conditions, breeding the unique Sauvignon Blanc, which has bright acidity and a refreshing botanical aroma.

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc  







Hawke’s Bay Sauvignon Blanc White Wine

In WABA wine overseas flagship store, there are sweet Sauvignon Blanc from Toi Toi, soft Pinot Noir from Steve Bird, silky Merlot Cabernet from Squawking Magpie, delicate and elegant Pinot Noir as well as the mellow Chardonnay from Luna Estate, which are New Zealand’s most representative New World wines.

Soljans Fusion Muscat Sparkling Wine







Pinot Noir


Merlot Cabernet







   Longview Estate White Diamond

WABA has always been committed to co-building a platform, sharing resources, creating benefits; interactive information, mutual financing and mutual promotion of circulation are also put on the first place; in addition, WABA is devoted to collaborating in property rights, technology and innovation; efforts are made in interactive management, exchange of resources and culture, increasing output, improving efficiency and spreading civilization. The establishment of the WABA wine overseas flagship store is to let more people taste the best wines in the world, and vice versa, let the wine spread all over the world so that more people in the world can know and feel the story behind each bottle of wine.

From July 16, welcome you to JD “WABA wine overseas flagship store”.



Zhong Hongxia, WABAIR