“Co-building platforms for sharing resources to promote efficiency and civilization” is the core development goal of WABA.

(In 2018, WABA increased trade with other countries)


To achieve the development goal of “going out and bringing in” and serve the world with Chinese high-quality liquor products, WABA perfectly integrates the Chinese and western liquor culture through a novel way of bartending.

( Cocktail Tasting Organized by WABA)


At the same time, through the sharing platform established by WABA, international wineries are constantly introduced into China and well known by Chinese people. WABA is accelerating the trade circulation of liquor among countries and realizing trade liberalization.

(2018 China – Singapore WABA Trade Exchange Conference in Shanghai, China)


WABA has conducted a number of exhibitions and road shows in China to bring high-quality wines from major wineries in the world to the public in a more “down-to-earth” way and meet the increasingly diversified consumption needs of the public in wine.

(WABA Cooperates with JD to Open Overseas Flagship Store)


On July 16, 2019, WABA officially entered JD platform and opened WABA wine overseas flagship store, further expanding China’s online market through direct supply of overseas wineries and bonded storage.


Chen Youyang, WABAIR