After a year’s effort in its interdisciplinary research on how finger guessing helps training the brain, the Institute has concluded its preliminary result.

Experts have found that exercises like finger guessing or the similar can not only improve one’s physiological system, but also other higher-level functions of the brain such as learning and memorizing. It releases neurotransmitters, glutamate and GABA within the neural circuits, which transmit excitatory and suppressive information respectively. In this process, GABA neurons (approximately 10-20%) play a vital role in keeping the balance and are in charge of the complex calculations of the neural circuits, while the synapses are responsible for encoding, selecting and transmitting one’s neural information.

However, the mechanism in which these GABA synapses are triggered is not completely understood, and little has been found that might indicate how we can modify our synaptic plasticity to improve our memory. Experts suggest that this would be a focus as well as an innovation to study how we can train and change the synaptic plasticity to improve learning and memory, to supplement the inadequacy of research in this area.


——Collected by Chen Youyang of WABA International Wine Industry Research Institute