In order to understand how bioelectricity, membrane potential, enzyme activity, wine and other factors can influence synaptic transmission, experts have dived into the project by studying a certain group of people drinking “Selected Laymau” , and have revealed the positive effects of moderate drinking and the activity of finger guessing when it comes to improving intelligence and preventing dementia and AD.

The results also illustrate that moderate drinking can influence various hormone secretion at the HPA axis, and the immune system as well. HPA axis and sympathetic nerve system are two main stress response systems of human beings, which connect the brain and the immune system. The HPA axis is activated when people are under stress, and the hypothalamus releases CRH, triggering the pituitary gland to release adreno-cortico-tropic-hormones (ACTH) and the adrenal gland to release adrenal gland hormones. Sympathetic nervous system belongs to our autonomic nervous system, which adjusts the involuntary behaviors of our body, while the central nervous system is responsible for adjusting the immune system against the effect of alcohol. For instance, through the central nervous system, TNF-a,IL-1P,and IL-6 can influence the release by acting directly or indirectly on the HPA axis and SNS. Similarly, CRH’s effect on immune cells against inflammation is stimulated through the effect of ACTH on anti-inflammatory cell receptors.

——Collected by Chen Youyang of WABA International Wine Industry Research Institute