Australlian Wine Exports Hit New High with Export to China Surging


ABSTRACT: Australian wine exports hit new high in 2017. The export to mainland China surges as Free Trade Agreement cuts tariffs.

According to an export report released by Wine Australia,Australian wine exports increased by 15%to 2.56 billion Australian dollars in 2017  (equivalent to about 13.01 billion yuan RMB), creating a new record since 2004. The total volume of exports also increased 8% to 811 million liters.

Andreas Clark, the chief executive of the Australian Wine, said that global demand (especially in northeastern Asia) for premium wines in Australia increased, resulting in a 17% increase in the exports of bottled wines to a total of 2.1 billion Australian dollars (equivalent to about 107.6 billion yuan RMB). The average price of each liter of bottled wine rose 3%, reaching 5.63 Australian dollars per liter (equivalent to about 29 yuan RMB). In the meantime, exports of bottled wine also increased 10% to a total of 440 million Australian dollars (equivalent to about 2.25 billion yuan RMB). The average price of each liter of bottled wine rose 6% to 1.03 Australian Dollars (equivalent to about 5.3 yuan RMB) to create a new high since 2012.

The data showed that Australian wines have grown rapidly in China in the last ten years. Since the signing of the free trade agreement between China and Australia in 2015, Australian wines have been performed particularly strong in China. Australian wine exports to China increased 63% in 2017 to reach 848 million Australian dollars (equivalent to about 4.35 billion yuan RMB), while exports increased 54% to 153 million liters. What’s more, the export of wines of various prices to China has increased.

In contrast, Australian wine exports to North America declined slightly, by 2% to a total of A $ 636 million (equivalent to about 3.26 billion yuan RMB). However, the price of exports to the United States at 10 Australian dollars (equivalent to about RMB 50 yuan RMB) above the premium wines increased 8% to a total of 45 million Australian dollars (equivalent to about 230 million yuan RMB).

However, in terms of total exports, the United Kingdom remains the largest country with the United States, China and Canada all following closely.