AI International Art Gallery is located in New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. Featuring the multicultural and multi-ethnic artworks of artists in New Zealand, including works of New Zealand European artists, Maori artists, Chinese artists, Pacific Islander artists and others.

Yayu Gao Contemporary Art Exhibition, themed Flow of Time, and the Maori Art Exhibition were organized by AI International Art Gallery and co-organized by New Zealand China Trade Association, Golden Harbor Property and others, and were sponsored by WABA (New Zealand) and Maimai Creek, a New Zealand-based winery. The exhibitions commenced in a grand opening in Auckland.

In this first exhibition after the pandemic was downgraded, Ms. Zhao Ling, Executive Art Director of AI International Art Gallery, spoke highly of Yayu Gao’s artwork, which, in an artistic way, interpreted the reality of the current pandemic in which people have become quarantined individuals, restless and insecure, suggesting that uncertainty has become the only certain reality.

Young artist Yayu Gao uses art as a prayer for an energetic mobility after the pandemic have faded away, when various countries, ethnic groups and people will be able to resume dialogues and exchanges again, so that life can come back to normal and the world becomes more harmonious.

The “Contemporary and Tradition” Maori Art Exhibition is a meaningful attempt by AI International Art Gallery to connect and review Maori culture and arts. While we are learning about traditional Maori arts, we understand that it is also an elevation and enhancement of the contemporary Maori arts.

Maori artists Liss and Rudi presented an eye-catching contemporary, gaudy painting of traditional Maori mythology by using wool weaving techniques. They believe that when you actually fulfill the truth, you are always blessed. Devote yourself to artistic expression and creation, and share the beauty with our society.

After the event, WABA (New Zealand) and Maimai Creek sponsored evening banquet wines to congratulate everyone on the success of the art exhibitions.

—Wu Qinglong, intern-researcher of WABA International Wine Industry Research Institute