To facilitate the economic recovery from the plight inflicted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Chinese government released the Guidelines for Stimulating Market Consumption and Promoting Employment with New Business Models. On July 19, the 2020 Tea Industry Online Economic Development Forum, hosted by WABA Tea & Alcohol Industries Integration Committee, Qianzhong Ecological Tea Trading Center and others, opened in Xiamen City, China.

The Forum was addressed by Zhou Meng, Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Health (MOH) of the People’s Republic of China and Chief Commandant for the Coordinated Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region; Dr. Chen Zeming, WABA Secretary General; Lin Jialai, Chairman of the Ecological Industry Investment Special Committee of the Investment Association of China (ICA) and member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC); Liu Jun, Dean of China Low Carbon City Strategy Institute and blockchain expert of the People’s Bank of China on green financial system; Chen Shengxiang, Director of the Network Economy Professional Committee of China Association of Productivity Science; Chen Yu, Deputy Director of the Consultation Service Center of Civil Air Defense of the People’s Republic of China; Wu Shuhua, Secretary General of the Lucid Water-Green Mountain China Tour Organizing Committee; Zhou Quanyi, President of Qiaohai Holding Company, as well as competent departments of Hai Cang District of Xiamen City. Over 1200 guests attended the forum and exchanged their questions and ideas extensively.

The forum, featuring blockchain technology-based online economy and digital economy, focusing on exploring innovative business models in the area of digital economy and promoting the integration of tea and alcohol Industries, it proceeded with profound discussions and explicit explanations on the current economic climate, and with insights from experts and scholars, through discussions, application and scenario illustrations as well as on-spot interactions, it shed lights on the future economic trend, encouraging new corporate online business models.

During the forum, Minister Zhou said: “The coronavirus pandemic is still raging through the globe, and it can be foreseen that online economy and digital economy would be playing increasingly important roles in our economy. The Chinese government will further promote online economy and speed up its digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, and policy-support documents will be released.

Dr. Chen Zeming said: “Tea and alcohol are two industries that can be integrated and mutually facilitated. WABA is dedicated to promote the integration of tea and alcohol industries through making new standards, applying new technologies, exploring new business models, encouraging companies to employ blockchain technology, to forge and activate the tea & alcohol industry chain, and to lift the under-developed areas out of poverty.

Dean Liu Jun made an introduction to the general trend of the online economy, in which he put an emphasize on the application of blockchain in the building of the “ecological tea industry chain”, “ecological agriculture system” and “ecological food safety”.

On behalf of Qiaohai Holding Company, President Zhou Quanyi introduced new achievements of the company, he said: “The world is busy seizing opportunities for economic recovery and encouraging corporate innovations, and various platforms are taking on online economy, which provide us with vaster space for growth, and we need to pick up our pace on it”.

The forum concluded successfully in interactive exchanges, Q&As and project launchings.

——Wu Qinglong, intern-researcher of WABA International Wine Industry Research Institute