On the afternoon of November 10th, 2019, just in time when WABA has finished its participation in the Second China International Import Expo (CIIE), it organized part of the exhibitors to have successfully held a wine tasting themed “Intoxicating New Zealand” at Qianxiangge Restaurant in Shanghai. More than 200 participators from different organizations, including WABA Secretariat, WABA International Project Department, Guizhou Chamber of Commerce,

This event was part of the road show in China provinces by member exhibitors of WABA after the CIIE. Located in Shanghai, a city known for its time-honored landmark buildings and modern skyscrapers, Qianxiangge Restaurant is both antique and modern, and it is an architecture of culture that celebrates the diversified Chinese history.

During the tasting, Raymond of WABA International Projects Department delivered a speech, hoping that the guests can further exchange in areas of culture, education, economy, trade, investments and others with the delegation to release more potential for international cooperation, to bring more excellent grape wine to the Chinese customers, and to instill some new air to the global economic relations.

Olive, Manager of WABA Overseas Projects Department also addressed the Event. She said that 2019 has been the year of tourism for both China and New Zealand. Over the past few decades, the two countries have built a win-win cooperation, close economic and trade ties and exchanged profoundly in field of culture.

During the Event, business and product promotions have been presented by WABA’s member wineries, namely, Toi Toi, Soljans Estate, Coopers Creek, Te Mata Estate, Stanley Estates, Judge Rock, Aitkens Folly, Steve Bird, Maimai, Decibel and Kiwi Manuka.

The guests presented have tasted different wines brought by the New Zealand wineries, and they were all deeply impressed by the superb quality and the natural power embedded in the wines. The tasting event served as an integration of both Chinese and New Zealand traditions, a window to present the great image of New Zealand and its wine culture, and as a showcase to promote WABA’s concepts of culture, knowledge, trade and business.

In 2019, the year of tourism for China and New Zealand, WABA, while taking the advantage of participating in the Second CIIE and joined by part of the exhibitors, Chinese entrepreneurs and professionals, has led a tour around China, sharing different wine cultures, food and the latest development in culture, education, economy, trade, investment and other areas, continuing to enhance mutual understanding and discover new potentials of complementarity between countries, to facilitate the integration of global wine culture, technology, brands and standards for a resource saving, sustainable and environmentally-friendly development.