As market competition grows increasingly fierce, talents cultivation has become the key to maintaining corporate competitiveness, and is a vital means to cope with global economic changes. Moutai Group has introduced innovations to its talent cultivating approach and funded the establishment of Moutai Institute—a non-profit regular institution of higher education, which is also China’s first undergraduate institution to train professionals for the baijiu industry, and has achieved good results in the past three years.

Moutai Institute, standing on “the integration of industry and education and the integration of school and enterprise”, has built a characteristic group of majors with brewing engineering as the core, to cultivate high-caliber personnel in brewing. Moutai is committed to build a high-level applied undergraduate university with influences in the brewing industry at home and abroad, to create a university of applied technology based on the brand of Moutai, and to set a new model for corporate-funded universities. After more than three years of development, Moutai Institute has been dedicated to operating on the basis of Moutai, serving the industry, serving the country and going global; The purpose is to “create a first-class, world-renowned higher education institution in the industry”, aiming to cultivate high-quality, skilled applied technological professionals that meet the needs of the liquor industry and with an all-around development in moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetics and labor education; Moutai Institute’s philosophy focuses on small-scale, precision, high-grade, special and opening; The school’s motto is “Integrity of Virtue and Talent, Knowledge and Practice”

In Moutai Institute, there are 338 full-time teachers, 13 undergraduate majors for students from 17 provinces, autonomous regions and cities across the country, as well as adult continuing education in brewing; it has more than 400,000 paper books, teaching and research equipment that worth 23.66 million yuan, and it has performed well in various national competitions at all levels. At the same time, the university has successfully applied for the National Social Science Fund of China and established two key disciplines at the provincial-level and two key laboratories and talent bases at the city-level. Moutai Institute is cooperating with the World Alcohol Beverage Alliance (WABA) in innovation and entrepreneurship, internship and employment, scientific research and international exchange, and opened up a joint training mode for undergraduate students with Jiangnan University.

Moutai Institute trains the professionals based on the Chinese liquor industry, it also actively seeks opportunities to cooperate with other well-known universities in the world through the help of WABA, hiring domestic and international experts to carry out academic research in the liquor industry, building an expert pool for innovation and entrepreneurship, organizing innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, forums and so forth. Moutai Institute will “make a good start, enter the mainstream and create special features”, and move towards the goal of becoming a “first-class and world-famous” applied university in the industry that is in line with the brand of “Moutai”.




Dr. He Shan, Secretariat of the World Alcohol Beverage Alliance