On July 25th, hosted by New Zealand Division of World Alcoholic Beverage Alliance (WABA), organized by Trisan NZ, and co-organized by Skykiwi  Invest and Futureway, specially sponsored by Sie Matic, the launch press conference  of WABA wine overseas flagship store on JD platform and July Wine Tasting was held at the Sie Matic showroom in Parnell. The event attracted more than 100 people from the wine, business, political, cultural and media sectors.

At the press conference, Ms. Olive, the head of New Zealand Division of  WABA , announced that the WABA wine overseas flagship store on JD platform was officially launched, which means that New Zealand wine has its own base camp in China. JD flagship store can serve as a new channel for New Zealand wines to enter the Chinese market.


There are dozens of pioneering New Zealand wine brands in the flagship store, including Toi Toi, Steve Bird, Decibel, Luna Estate and Stanley Estate. Olive said they are both pioneers of New Zealand wine, bringing New Zealand’s best wines to Chinese consumers through e-commerce channels.



Auckland city councillor Paul Young said in his speech that with the increasing expansion of china-New Zealand trade, local merchants in New Zealand are also looking for different ways to integrate with the world and the market, and the launch of WABA wine overseas flagship store exploits a new channel for New Zealand wine export sales. He hopes that from now on, more New Zealand wine brands can enter in the flagship store, so that Chinese consumers can experience the charm of New Zealand wines in a better and more convenient way.


In the Q&A session, some media asked what the advantages and disadvantages of New Zealand wines compared with Australian wines are? It is well known that New Zealand wines have less production than Australian wines, but New Zealand’s weather is more diverse than Australia’s, and Australia’s weather is hot and dry, so its wines are known for the rich taste. While New Zealand wines are richer and more gentle, with the unique fruit aroma and feel of New Zealand because of the diversity of the weather from Northland to Central Otago.


When it comes to the challenges of the wines entering into the Chinese market, Steve from Stanley Estate said that New Zealand wines have become famous in the world. The brewing of white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc has even surpassed that of the old French wines, but in fact, for Chinese consumers, New Zealand wines are still relatively new. Whether it is New Zealand wine industry practitioners, market experts or the media, it takes them a lot of time and energy to let the consumers know the best wine in the world.


At the same time, he added, the process is complicated and needs to take a long time, but he believes that everything is worth it.

The press conference was followed by WABA’s July tasting, which featured Luna Estate, Stanley Estate and Toi Toi, the first batch of brands entering the flagship store.

At the meeting, Sie Matic’s general manager Ben Xie expressed his welcome and gratitude to everyone on behalf of the “host”. Sie Matic is the world’s top cabinet brand product. The cooperation with WABA meas the first time to cooperate with New Zealand’s top wine alliance. It is also the first time that the new exhibition hall is open to the public and organize event. In the following days, Sie Matic will create more surprises and excitement to everyone.

Through this press conference and WABA NZ July Wine Tasting, New Zealand winery has once again closed the distance with China, wishing the business of  WABA wine overseas flagship store is getting better and better, so that more Chinese people can know New Zealand and fall in love with New Zealand wine and drinks.

WABA wine overseas flagship store on JD platform is available at https://mall.jd.hk/index-957633.html


Reprinting from New Zealand Skykiwi, Robbie Peng