On the morning of October 22, a group from the World Alcohol Beverage Alliance paid a visit to the World Wine & Spirits Exhibition Park in Shanghai, and members of the group were Meng Qiliang, Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of the CPPCC of Guizhou Province and Executive Vice Chairman of the CPPCC; Dr. Chen Zeming, Secretary General of WABA and President of Guizhou Alcoholic Drinks Association; Luo Yuandi, Strategic Advisor of China Alcoholic Drinks Association and Deputy General Manager of Guizhou Moutai-flavor Liquor Marketing Co. Ltd.; Zhu Minglong, Chairman of Shanghai Guilong Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.

President Lin Jianguo, who is in charge of the World Wine & Spirits Exhibition Park, has shown the group around a number of exhibition galleries in the park, including the Wine Gods Gallery, the Wine History Gallery, the Huangjiu (yellow wine) Gallery, the Beers Gallery, the Grape Wine Gallery, the Foreign Liquor Gallery, the Chinese Liquor Gallery, and the Cocktail Gallery.

There came a discussion after the visit, in which Ms. Zhang Heming, Manager of the Development Department of the World Wine & Spirits Exhibition Park, gave a detailed introduction of the project and proposed to set up a “Guizhou Pavilion” designed for the characteristic commodities, famous brands, Chinese time-honored brands and representative enterprises of folk industries in Guizhou Province; set up “Zunyi Pavilion” for representative enterprises to enter, such as Moutai, Xijiu, Guotai and others; she also hoped WABA to invite wine producing countries to join the International Wine Pavilion, as well as overseas wineries to settle in the World Cultural Street. Mr. Lin briefly introduced the functional planning and the latest status of the park, and thanked all the guests for taking time out of their busy schedule to visit the park for an exchange of ideas.

Dr. Chen Zeming introduced the establishment, operation and achievements of WABA. WABA was jointly launched in 2014 by more than 60 countries and regions in five continents, involving more than 300 alcohol industry chain-related associations, societies, research institutions and large enterprises and groups. It publishes annually theDevelopment Reports of Global Alcohol Industry, the Annual Report on the Achievements of the World Alcohol Beverage Alliance, the Wine Expo and others, in both Chinese and English. WABA has also hosted major research projects such as the Ministry of Commerce’s Guide to Chinese Spirits, the Guizhou Alcohol, etc. WABA has played an important role in supporting many international exhibitions, including China (Guizhou) International Alcoholic Beverages Expo; the 11th Yantai International Wine Expo in Shandong Province, China; and China (Chongqing) Wine Consumption and Culture Festival & Famous and Special Wine Trade Fair, etc. Dr. Chen Zeming also pointed out that WABA has strengths concerning its philosophy, structure, talents, networks and platforms, and given that the World Wine & Spirits Exhibition Park has a good foundation as being able to provide a certain level of services to support the industrial chain, and the ability for cultural progress and capital operations, he expressed the hope for future cooperation.

Luo Yuandi said that the spirit behind wine as a cultural symbol, has its high-quality development needs, it also requires a platform to better promote brands publicity and reputation. Luo believed there would be plenty of room for cooperation in the future.
Zhu Minglong said that the construction of the International Famous Wine Mall is of great significance for the promotion, display and sales of Chinese and foreign wines and wine culture. He hoped more progress to be made so as to fulfill the dream of China’s wine industry.
Lu Ronghua, Strategic Advisor of China Alcoholic Drinks Association, Honorary President of Shanghai Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association and Former Director of Shanghai Alcoholic Beverages Monopoly Administration, said the World Wine & Spirits Exhibition Park has a sound potential and expected further cooperation with WABA.
Meng Qiliang said that the World Wine & Spirits Exhibition Park has been equipped with a good geological location, well-developed infrastructure and a comprehensive understanding of wine culture, as well as facilities providing services such as bond, logistics, exhibitions and as such. Both sides will have a lot of space for development and cooperation in the future. 
In the end, WABA presented to the World Wine & Spirits Exhibition Park the Guizhou Alcohol, prefaced by Chen Min’er, and magazines such as the Guide to Chinese Liquor and the Wine Expo.  
                                    —Dr. He Shan, Secretariat of the World Alcohol Beverage Alliance